The following list of products may contain vinegar. This vinegar would normally be white distilled vinegar. Other types of vinegar are listed on the ingredient statement. While Hormel's sources indicate that these types of vinegar are gluten free, you will need to make your own determination on whether you want to use these products:

Always Tender® Flavored Fresh Pork: Honey-Mustard, Peppercorn, Apple Bourbon

CHI-CHI'S® Fiesta Salsa

CHI-CHI'S® Garden Salsa

CHI-CHI'S® Natural Salsa

CHI-CHI'S® Original Salsa

CHI-CHI'S® Picante

CHI-CHI'S® Red Jalapenos

Di Lusso® Chipotle Mustard

Di Lusso® Cranberry Honey Mustard

Di Lusso® Deli Style Mustard

Di Lusso® Dijon Mustard

Di Lusso® Honey Mustard

Di Lusso® Horseradish Sauce

Di Lusso® Jalapeno Mustard

Di Lusso® Sandwich Spread

Di Lusso® Sweet Onion Sauce

El Torito® Cilantro Pepita Dressing

Embasa® Chiles Gueritos

Embasa® Chipotle Peppers

Embasa® Nacho Sliced Jalapenos

Embasa® Sliced Carrots

Embasa® Sliced Jalapenos

Embasa® Whole Jalapenos

Herdez® Salsa Casera

Hormel® Chili Master® Chili: Chipotle Chicken with Beans, Chipotle Chicken No Bean, White Chicken Chili with Beans

Hormel® Not-So-Sloppy-Joe Sloppy-Joe® Sauce

Hormel® Pickled Pigs Feet, Hocks & Tidbits

La Victoria® Green Enchilada Sauce, Mild

La Victoria® Green Taco Sauce, Mild

La Victoria® Green Taco Sauce, Medium

La Victoria® Green Salsa Jalapena, Extra Hot

La Victoria® Jalapeno Hot Sauce

La Victoria® Jalapeno Peppers, Sliced

La Victoria® Red Chili Sauce

La Victoria® Red Enchilada Sauce, Mild

La Victoria® Red Enchilada Sauce, Hot

La Victoria® Red Salsa Jalapena, Extra Hot

La Victoria® Red Taco Sauce, Mild

La Victoria® Red Taco Sauce, Medium

La Victoria® Salsa Brava Hot Sauce

La Victoria® Salsa Ranchera, Hot

La Victoria® Salsa Suprema, Mild

La Victoria® Salsa Suprema, Medium

La Victoria® Salsa Victoria, Hot

La Victoria® Thick ‘N Chunky, Mild

La Victoria® Thick ‘N Chunky, Hot

Lloyd's® Restaurant Style Smoked Pork Chops

Lloyd's® Ribs, All Varieties

Lloyd's® Shredded Meats Original BBQ Sauce – Pork, Chicken, Beef

Stagg® Chunkero® Chili

Stagg® Classic® Chili

Stagg® Dynamite Hot® Chili

Stagg® Ranch House® Chicken Chili

Stagg® Silverado® Beef Chili

Stagg® Steak House® Chili

Stagg® Vegetable Garden® Chili

Stagg® White Chicken Chili